Web Hosting provider or Web space and Domain resgistration

Web hosting means the internet hosting that authorizes an organization or individual to make their online existence in the form of a website, available to the public via the internet.

The two things required to make any website available to the public are Web Space and bandwidth. Web space is nothing but the space needed for your information like website files, Images, etc. Space required depends on how heavy your website is. The other important element is Bandwidth which implies the amount of data that can be transferred to and from a server or a website. Therefore, more the bandwidth, the better and faster is your network, connection, and system. In other words, more the number of visitors, more is the bandwidth that’s required.

These requirements (Web Space and Bandwidth) is satisfied be a web hosting provider i.e by us. Apart from all these we will also maintain the server, make sure the smooth functioning of the website by maintaining website uptime and provide data security.

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